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Xinjiang Dreams: Worrying about ethnicity

The University of Nottingham blog

Written by David Tobin
November 6, 2013,

The ethnically targeted violence of July 2009 in Ürümchi overshadowed the lead-up to the 60thanniversary of the founding of the PRC. Uyghurs and Han were both victims and perpetrators and official figures claimed 197 people were killed (See here,here and here). The violence suggested that ethnic relations remain an important issue in people’s daily lives in Xinjiang and for the capacity of the party-state to provide “stability”. July 2009 brought to the fore concerns that China’s ethnic minority polices need rethinking in part because they are constructed without significant input from ethnic minorities themselves. The events of July 2009 lead the then Guangdong Party Committee Secretary and now 3rd ranked Vice Premier, Wang Yang, to suggest that China needs to re-adjust its ethnic minority policies or there will be further “difficulties”….(…)

Uighur Human Rights Project, Thu, 11/07/2013

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