Un professore universitario cinese ha rinunciato al Partito Comunista cinese

Mr Wang, un professore universitario cinese, ha lasciato il partito comunista cinese per avere denunciato la corruzione del presidente alle autorità.

Segue articolo in inglese:

According to information from the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Wang, once a lecturer at a university in Guizhou Province, China, suffered reprisals and lost his post and his faculty subsidized housing for reporting the president’s corruption to the authority. After several years of Appeal to no avail, he was reduced to begging for his subsistence. He detests the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s corruption. In a recent phone conversation with the volunteers at Service Center, he publicly announced his withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Mr. Wang told Sound of Hope Radio reporters that he had been battling all kinds of reprisals for more than ten years. Wang said: “I have taught for 41 years altogether. Over ten years ago, I found out that the president of our university not only claimed ownership to many of the faculty housing units, but also secretly sold some for profit. The president then said to me, ‘You’d better mind your own business or else I would have you thrown out of your residence.’ I was appointed to the lecturer’s post in 1992 and have not been advanced since. Moreover, he canceled my classes and removed my name from the faculty.”

Wang indicated the president resorted to Gangster tactics to force him out of the faculty housing. He sought legal remedy, but unfortunately the judge was also bribed by the president, who then counter sued him for defamation.

“They beat-up my wife, and my son as well. In the middle of the night, at 2 or 3 am, they made phone calls to my home and threatened to kill us if we did not give up our housing. We submitted witness and evidence to the court, but the judge disallowed them, and ruled that our action was defamation.” Wang added.

Wang also mentioned that in 2007 the president overstepped his authority and forcibly evicted him and disposed of his belongings like trash.

“While I was away, they came to my house, the whole bunch of them, including 20 or more law enforcement agents and about 40 farm laborers. They first threw all of our belongings outside and sealed them off so I could not have access to them. On Feb. 16, 2008 (the eighth day in Chinese New Year ) at 2:00am, he used two trucks to move all of our belongings and dumped them like garbage. It took 40 hard-working years of my life to amass all these assets which he threw away overnight.” Wang continued.

Wang said he was rendered homeless for years, and nowhere could he appeal to. As a respectable university professor, he was reduced to begging for subsistence under the tyranny of the CCP where corrupt officials run amuck, and common people suffer in misery.

Wang said: “Even now, his vengeance continues unabated by withholding my housing stipend that I am entitled to. I sustained injury from a car accident during a business trip and was entitled to worker’s compensation. However I have yet to receive one penny. I am now destitute and homeless. For a university lecturer reduced to a street beggar, and I have been begging for food for more than one year now, my situation is deplorable. “

Wang has appealed to the court for redress, but justice has yet to prevail. He also went to Beijing to petition, but was detained three times.

Fonte: Epoch Times, 9 marzo 2010


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