Turkestan orientale: un segreto custodito per anni nel cuore

Lettera di un uomo che molti anni fa ha prestato servizio nelle forze armate nella provincia dello Xinijiang, dove ha partecipato ad un’operazione che ha annientato un intero paesaggio uiguro.

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Many years ago I served in the military in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region where the ethnic Uighur people of China originate from.At that time, I took part in an operation that annihilated an entire Uighur village.Facing the innocent men, women, elderly and even nursing infants, we were not able to pull our triggers.Yet the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent in another far better-equipped unit to ensure our troop carried out the field army’s orders of the killing. We would have to either open fire at the innocent villagers, or we would have the other unit to open fire at our fellow soldiers. In the end, we opened fire whilst shedding tears, not a single villager was spared. For years, I have been living in the torment of my conscience. Nightmares constantly bring back vivid memories of that tragic scene. After I returned to the countryside, I was decommissioned and dared not to go to Uighur communities. Whenever I saw Uighurs, I was full of remorse and sorrow. I was raised as an honest and kind person. I have forever lost the peaceful life that an average person could have led. It was the CCP’s ruthless order to kill that shattered all of this.
If gods hear my repentance, please grant me peace of mind so that I will no longer be terrified by this recurring nightmare. Today, I solemnly declare that I withdraw from the CCP and any of its affiliated organizations. At the same time, my grandfather and my wife also quit any and all such organizations.

Liu Canlan

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 27 settembre 2010


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