Turkestan orientale: distrutte le case degli uiguri

Nella città di Gulja molte case di cittadini uiguri sono state evacuate e distrutte tra i mesi di agosto e di sttembre.

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Uyghurs in Hanbing town, near Gulja city (in Chinese, Yining) in Ili prefecture said they were forcibly evicted after their properties were demolished in August and September.1,000 homes in the area had been demolished by authorities.Private Chinese companies from inner China are constructing apartment buildings on the land and are selling them.The developers are becoming rich because they resell at a profit the land that the previous residents are being forced to sell for cheap.If residents refuse to sell, the government will threaten them with detention or destroy their homes. A woman who gave her name as Miriam, also a resident of Hanbing town, said she was attacked when she tried to protest the forced demolition of her home. “I didn’t agree with them and I didn’t sign the papers. But government personnel took the [Chinese] flag I was holding, hit me with a rifle butt, and kicked me,” Miriam said. “I resisted and held onto the tree in front of my house, but they dragged me away,” she said. Miriam said she that as she held onto the tree, five or six people began to beat her. “They twisted my arm and said, ‘What right do you have to hold the Chinese flag?’ They are the government—how can they do this to me?” she asked. Miriam said that her home had also been included in the development zone for new apartment buildings currently under construction by private Han Chinese companies. Uyghurs in nearby villages are being subjected to the same treatment, she said. “If you go to No. 4 Village, you can see the same thing there. It’s worse. Many people are living out of tents. If they try to protest, they will be detained.” “[The authorities] are doing this in a very secretive way. If you talk over the phone at the site, they will take your phone away. If you take pictures, they will take your camera away.” Uyghurs fear that neighborhoods in cities in their homeland are being destroyed in order to make way for Han Chinese who have migrated to the region.

Fonte. Dossier Tibet, 14 ottobre 2010


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