Turkestan orientale: condannati 4 uiguri

La Corte cinese ha approvato le esecuzioni di quattro uomini con l’accusa di aver provocato una serie di omicidi nella regione dello Xinjiang occidentale, descritti come atti di “violenza terroristica”. Tutti gli accusati hanno dei nomi che li identificano come uiguri.

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China’s highest court approved the executions of four men convicted in a series of murders in the restive western region of Xinjiang described as acts of “terrorist violence.”In the most serious act, six men detonated a bomb near where a security patrol was organizing Aug. 19.All those accused had names identifying them as Uighurs, a Turkic Muslim ethnic group that sees Xinjiang as its homeland. Many Uighurs resent heavy-handed rule from Beijing and the influx of large numbers of majority Han Chinese migrants, and Uighur radicals have for years staged a sometimes violent separatist movement. No motives were given in the three cases recently decided by the court, and Chinese authorities have sometimes been accused of mislabeling ordinary crimes as terrorist violence to discredit the separatist movement. Simmering tensions between Uighurs and Hans erupted in 2009 in Xinjiang’s worst ethnic violence in over a decade. Uighurs attacked Hans, overturning buses and cars and torching shops in the regional capital of Urumqi in a riot the government says killed 197 people. In the aftermath, hundreds were arrested and about two dozen sentenced to death. Many other Uighurs remain unaccounted for and are believed to be in custody. Approval of death sentences by the People’s Highest Court is the final step before executions are carried out, but it’s not known when the men will be executed. China is believed to execute more people each year than the rest of the world combined, but exact figures are not known.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 23 febbraio 2011


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