Tibetano uccide la guardia di una prigione

Un tibetano ha ucciso la guardia di una prigione come ritorsione per un trattamento duro durante la detenzione.

Qui di seguito l’articolo in inglese:

A Tibetan has kidnapped a prison guard in retaliation for harsh treatment in detention, sparking a region-wide manhunt and a U.S. $14,000 reward.
Sources in the region, under tight security since unrest flared in Tibetan communities in March 2008, said theguard was taken hostage Feb. 1 in the prefecture’s Kardze county.
“One of the Tibetan inmates in the prison, known as Pasang, forcibly took hostage one of the prison guards, known as Chang Kasong, and broke out of the jail,” one Kardze-based source said.
Pasang is a native of Payul county in Kardze, sources said. According to one source, Pasang was detained along with several other men in connection with a 2009 killing in Payul, but hadn’t yet been tried.
The breakout sparked a widespread manhunt with roadblocks and hundreds of police manning checkpoints along the road to Tonkor.
Local sources said the kidnapped Chinese prison guard had a reputation for treating Tibetan inmates harshly.
Kasong Chang would confiscate food packages and take money intended for prisoners.
“He was very vicious in torturing Tibetan inmates, particularly those Tibetans who took part in the 2008 uprising,” a source said.
County police have issued a request for cooperation from residents, calling all households to help find Pasang, with a potential reward of 100,000 yuan.
Residents of Kardze, part of what Tibetans know as Kham, have earned a reputation for speaking out against Chinese rule.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 11 febbraio 2010


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