Tibet: monaco condannato a tre anni

Un altro monaco del monastero di Kirti è stato condannato a tre anni di reclusione. Il monaco è stato arrestato l’8 aprile e da allora è stato tenuto in isolamento fino al momento della sentenza.

Segue articolo in inglese:

Another Kirti monk has been sentenced to three years in jail.Dhonyoe Dorjee, a 34 year old monk was arrested on April 8 from the monastery and had since been held incommunicado until his sentencing.There is no information on the date of the sentencing and under what charges he was arrested and taken to trial.The military siege on Kirti Monastery which began after Phuntsog, a Kirti monk set himself ablaze on March 16 protesting Chinese rule in Tibet has lead to disappearances, arbitrary arrests, extra judicial detentions, unfair sentencing of Kirti monks and enforced patriotic re-education at the monastery. Around 300 Chinese government officials from around Ngaba district have occupied space within the walls of the monastery, keeping a strict vigil on the monks while another group of around 300 Chinese government officials come to the monastery every day to enforce patriotic re-education on the monks. The patriotic re-education is a government-run campaign focussing on monasteries and nunneries with the aim of changing the fundamental elements of belief, forcing monks and nuns to denounce their spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. Failure to comply with the campaign, which China calls ‘Law Education’, has resulted in physical punishment, in monks and nuns being expelled from monasteries and nunneries, detention and imprisonment. Kirti Monastery with over 2500 monks is among the biggest and one of the most prominent centres of learning in the region.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 27 luglio 2011


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