Tibet: le autorità aumentano la sicurezza in vista del compleanno del Dalai Lama

I tibetani di tutto il mondo si preparano a festeggiare il compleanno del loro leader spirituale, il Dalai Lama.  Le celebrazioni saranno segrete per coloro che vivono sotto il dominio cinese.

Segue articolo in inglese:

As Tibetans around the world prepare to mark the birthday of their spiritual leader, celebrations will be held in secrecy for those living under Chinese rule, Tibetan sources said.“July 6 is the birthday of the Dalai Lama. The Chinese authorities strengthen control over Tibet and Tibetan-populated areas around this day each year,” the native of the Tibetan capital Lhasa told RFA in an interview.The Dalai Lama’s birthday comes at a particularly sensitive time in the region as a number of Tibetans have held anti-China protests in both Kardze and Ngaba prefectures in recent weeks. Local official newspaper Ganzi Daily reported Tuesday that Liu Daoping, the party chief in Kardze, had called for harsh measures against any “secessionist activities,” a term often used to describe Tibetan protests. Meanwhile, armed police have been dispatched to the area. Authorities in Kardze have detained more than 60 people in the wake of protests against Chinese rule which began on June 6 and have escalated since June 17. Most of those detained are lamas or local people, according to Tibetan sources in exile. In addition to calls for Tibetan independence, protesters have also demanded the release of political prisoners who were detained in Kardze the previous year. Three people, including two nuns, were detained in separate incidents following protests in Kardze on June 28, according to a reporter from Delhi, India, who spoke with people in the region. Zoge, a researcher, cited Tibetan exiles in Dharamsala, India, as saying that police in Kardze had fired rubber bullets at protesters on June 24. “The exiles are originally from Kardze and they talked to people in Kardze over the phone on June 24, learning that police opened fire at demonstrators,” Zoge said. “The following day, they talked again, and the residents of Kardze said the bullets fired were made of rubber,” he said. “The demonstrators who were struck suffered bruises, but not life-threatening injuries.” A resident in suburban Kardze county said in an interview on Tuesday that Kardze town had been sealed off by authorities. “Entry into Ganzi is no longer allowed. There are no exceptions. I heard Tibetans were protesting there,” the resident said. Meanwhile, the Kirti monastery has been under siege by Chinese security personnel since a young monk from there set himself ablaze and died on March 16 in a protest against Chinese rule in Ngaba prefecture. More than three months after the self-immolation death, the monastery is surrounded by hundreds of police, soldiers and government officials, with the activities of the monks tightly monitored by security cameras. At least 300 monks have been taken away from the monastery and sent for “political re-education” while local Tibetans seeking to protect the monks were beaten and detained, drawing worldwide condemnation.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 6 giugno 2011


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