Tibet: intellettuale tibetano arrestato

Kalsang Tsultrim è stato recentemente arrestato il 27 luglio 2010 a Dzoge nella provincia di Sichuan. Sebbene le indagini sono state fatte da membri della famiglia, nessuna spiegazione è stata data dai funzionari del suo arresto.

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Kalsang Tsultrim, remembered for his widely distributed video testimonial in 2009, was recently arrested on 27 July 2010 at Dzoge County in Sichuan Province. Though enquiries have been made by family members, no response or reasons have been given by the officials for his arrest. But his arrest is not unexpected.Kalsang, better known by his pseudonym Gyitsang Takmig, has been suspected of committing political error and has been on the move for at least a year to remain safe from the authorities. Family members suspect his arrest occurred due to his expression of alarm about the situation in Tibet and treatment of individuals. He composed and distributed 2,500 VCDs discussing Tibetan history and recordings of the current desires, aspirations, concerns, and dreams of Tibetan people in Tibet. He also wrote Miyul La Phul Ve Sempa (summarized as Sharing the Inner Thoughts in My Heart) a book which illustrates the concerns of the Tibetan people. Kalsang’s arrest is an example of the current pattern of targeted Tibetan intellectuals which includes artists, writers, bloggers and cultural figures. What is considered freedom of expression by the people is, from the PRC’s perspective, a form of political error that can easily lead to an unlawful arrest.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 27 agosto 2010


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