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Tibet: I tibetani protestano contro i piani per l’acquisizione dei terreni

Centinaia di famiglie si sono accampate davanti agli uffici governativi come segno di protesta contro i piani per l’acquisizione dei terreni.

Segue articolo in inglese:

Hundreds of households from the village of Xinzhai, four kilometers outside Gyegu, are camped outside township government offices in protest at plans to take over their land, residents said.A Gyegu township resident identified as Sonam said 200-300 residents of Xinzhai village had gathered outside the government offices in recent days to lodge a petition against plans to redevelop their village, which is largely home to nomadic and herding families.The villagers said that land which had commanded a price of 900,000 yuan (U.S. $133,000) per mu (0.16 acre) before the devastating earthquake in April is now being compensated at a rate of 90,000 yuan (U.S. $13,300) per mu. “We are all farmers, so we are talking about large tracts of land,” Sonam said. “The government wants to take it back from us. The people who own small plots of a few mu have all gone to the government offices because they have a problem with it.” “There are a lot of people there,” she added. “About half the village has turned out. Maybe 200 or 300 households. They go in relays all the time apart from during religious festivals.” Xiangjia said Hongwei Road and People’s Road residents had made similar protests and petitions at government offices, and that their numbers were far greater than those in Xinzhai. In June, Yushu officials confirmed local plans to relocate some of the residents of Gyegu, where a deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake on April 14 killed 2,698 people and left 270 missing, by official count.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 4 agosto 2010