Tibet: condannato comico tibetano

Le autorità cinesi hanno condannato un popolare comico tibetano a tre anni di carcere a seguito di una confessione estorta sotto tortura.

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Chinese authorities have sentenced a popular Tibetan comedian to prison on a weapons charge following a confession extracted under torture.Athar, 33, was taken into custody in early February by a special police team and had not been heard from since.Then, on April 29, a court in Lithang county sentenced him to three years in prison. The news of his sentence has been relayed to his family.The popular performer had been detained ahead of his plan to release a video criticizing Chinese rule in Tibet. Chinese authorities had at first failed to identify an offense for which they could charge him,then they charged him with possession of concealed weapons. Athar denied owning even a single bullet, to say nothing of weapons,but after being beaten severely for not confessing, he finally affixed his fingerprints and was sentenced to three years. Athar gave his friend a short recorded video message, telling him to pass it on if he should hear he had been detained. In a copy of the video Athar warns that Tibet under Chinese rule has gone down “a wrong path,” urges unity among Tibetans, and calls for a strengthened Tibetan national identity and culture.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 22 maggio 2012


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