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Poet Tanikawa dedicates work to Chinese under house arrest

A poem by Shuntaro Tanikawa was included in a clandestine mission to send a message to Liu Xia, a Chinese poet who has been under house arrest in Beijing for more than seven years.

Vietnamese Protester Describes Beatings by Police

A young Vietnamese man caught up in violent protests last week against government plans to grant long-term land concessions to foreign investors was severely beaten by police after answering a summons to report to their office, the young man said.

North Korea Exploits Teenage Labor Force to Earn Foreign Currency

New trade flows between North Korea and China are leading to the exploitation of children hired at low wages in North Korea to work in factories assembling goods for sale across the border, North Korean sources say.

China Imposes Exit Bans on US Citizens of Chinese Descent: Report

China is reportedly holding Chinese Americans hostage, preventing them from leaving the country, as a means to put pressure on overseas family members to return to China, according to a recent report.

China Formally Arrests Author Who Penned Article Criticizing President’s Speech

Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi have formally arrested an author on public order charges after he penned an article criticizing a recent speech by President Xi Jinping.

Underpaid and exhausted: the human cost of your Kindle

Five o’clock in the morning and the young woman’s eyelids are drooping. All night she has been removing spots of dust from Amazon smartspeakers with a toothbrush. Time seems to crawl. Now she is overwhelmed with exhaustion.

China Spikes In-Depth Section of Top Legal Newspaper

The ruling Chinese Communist Party has dismantled the in-depth features department at a major newspaper in Beijing, after sending in a top official to make sweeping changes that led to the resignations of dozens of editorial staff, RFA has learned.