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Scontri tra tibetani e forze di sicurezza durante una celebrazione in un monastero

Scontri tra tibetani e forze di sicurezza cinesi sono avvenuti nella Contea di Machu il 9 aprile scorso. Gli incidenti sono avvenuti durante una celebrazione annuale tibetana nel monastero di Serma, Dolma Kyap. Lo ha riportato la radio Voice of Tibet.

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Dharamsala, April 13 – Tibetans in Machu County clashed with Chinese security forces on April 9, Voice of Tibet radio service reported.

The incident took place on the day of a monastic ritual dance which is held annually on the fifteenth day of the third Tibetan lunar month (Horda sumpai gharcham) at Serma monastery, Dolma Kyap, a senior manager at the Norbulingka institute, told VOT.

The ritual usually attracts Tibetans in large numbers from villages and monasteries in the region. The local authorities recommended more troops in the region for the day but Tibetan leaders and senior monks objected to the reinforcement giving their assurances that the event would run smoothly without any trouble,Kyab said.

On Thursday however, the Chinese security forces harassed local Tibetans in the market and ransacked a billiards hall where they found a fox skin, according to Kyab. The security forces then beat up the owner of the skin and his two companions who argued with them.

The news of Chinese security forces beating up the Tibetans spread instantly in the locality sparking off an angry mob that clashed with about 100 Chinese soldiers.

The Chinese soldiers hit batons at the Tibetans who retaliated by hurling stones, he said, adding that several people on both sides were injured in the brawl. No arrest, however, has been reported.

Phayul, 13 april 2009