Sarkozi difende i valori europei nella questione tibetana

Bruxelles (AFP)  : Il Presidente Francese Nicolas Sarkozy difende i valori europei nel contesto della questione tibetana. Il presidente ha dichiarato che troverà il metodo di instaurare un dialogo con Pechino con calma ma senza dover rinunciare ai “valori europei”.Segue il comunicato in inglese di AFP da Bruxelles

Sarkozy defends ‘European values’ on Tibet

BRUSSELS (AFP) – – French President Nicolas Sarkozy — whose ties with China were strained by his recent meeting with the Dalai Lama — said on Friday that he would find ways to talk to Beijing without renouncing “European values”.

Sarkozy told journalists he aimed to find “the means to have a calm dialogue with China,” but “not at the price of renouncing our own European values.”

“Having good or bad relations with a partner is not about letting oneself being told what to do,” Sarkozy said at the end of a two-day EU summit he hosted in Brussels.

Beijing scrapped an EU-China due to be held at the beginning of the month after Sarkozy lined up talks with the Dalai Lama in Gdansk, northern Poland.


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