Riunione del quinto Consiglio Esecutivo del NF (New Federations Board, organizzazione internazionale calcistica) a Lonate Pozzolo presso Varese con partecipazione della delegazione tibetana

Ieri sabato 13 dicembre si è riunito il quinto Consiglio Esecutivo del NF (New Federations Board) a Lonate Pozzolo presso Varese. Grande solidarietà è stata espressa dal presidente Christian Michelis e da altri consiglieri per la causa della libertà per i tibetani di partecipare ad eventi sportivi internazionali. La squadra tibetana in esilio ha partecipato alla Viva World Cup 2008.  Yakar Gelek, rappresentante di Students for Free Tibet Italia ha presentato la Kata. La Padania ospiterà i giochi Viva World Cup nel 2009 e Malta nel 2010.  Segue il comunicato in inglese.

The 5th NF BOARD MEETING was held today from 9.30 to 18.30 in a city called Lonate Pozzolo in Varese Province near Milan. It was an intensive meeting in a very  friendly atmosphere.

NF Board’s current  president Mr Christian Michelis made clear right from the beginning the true spirit,the upholding pillar and the key moto ie: “EVERYONE CAN PLAY”

With this crystal clear announcement combined with the huge applause from the participating members, the meeting kicked off with the participating members saluting each other while the endless timely seasonal rain rained outside throughout the day.

The summary of the 2 sessions are hereunder;

The morning  session includes;(First part of the General Assembly of the NFB).

1:Opening session (quorum, roll call and verification of proxies, etc.) by the Secretary General.

Control of the procedure concerning the Convocations, validation of the Agenda (Status.Art.30.2).

2:Welcome and opening address by the President and the host FA of the 5th General Assembly of the NFB.

3: Suspensions and Exclusion of members (No suspensions and Exclusions instead joined new members were introduced).

4: Validation of the Rapport of the 4th General Assembly.

5: Activity report.

6: Validation of the finances & budget.

7: Admissions of new members (FA & Individuals, Members of Honour).

8: Presentation of the proposals on Statutory reforms *(1) & Interior Rules Reforms * (2).

Coffee break;

9: Election of the president

(President Mr Christian Michelis was unanimously  re-elected for another 2years term).

10: Allocution by the elected President and designation by himself of the Secretary General, Treasurer and Vice-President (see www.nfboard.com)

11: Strategy of the NFB on the next 2 years (presentation of the staff).

Lunch break

The afternoon session:( 2nd part of the General Assembly of the NFB).

1: Relations with FIFA: negotiation for the possibility to play friendly matches against the FA members of the FIFA,opening the relations with the UEFA with the IGA & Play The Game, Peace & Sports.

2: Discussion on the idea of Blue cards(temporary exclusions) in the competitions of the NFB. (To be decided soon).

3: Proposal of the three different forums in one ( http://nonfifa.yuku.com).

4: New Title and the new team for NF-Board-News (Fusion N.F-Board News + CENF NEWS).


Presentations of each FA candidate to host the competition:

The final Proposals and Presentations(Verbal & Video) from

Gozo (in Malta) and Padania( in Italy) taken into consideration

Result: Padania to host Viva World Cup 2009 & Gozo to host Viva World Cup 2010.

6: Date and Place of the next 6th General Assembly of the NFB to be decided soon.

7: Closing ceremony of the 5th General Assembly of the NFB presided over by the President.

Official photo session all together.

Dinner to all the members of the NFB and other FA invited by the FA of Padania and the Foundation Iseni.

Minutes before the end of the closing ceremony, the Tibetan delegation comprises of Mr Yakar Gelek,a special delegate of TNSA chosen by the TNSA board to represent the TNSA FA in this 5th NF Board meeting and the SFT photographer Ms Jung Sunyoung offered the NF Board President, the Tibetan National flag and the Tibetan traditional white scarf( Kata) symbolizing the perpetuating friendly relations besides thanking them wholeheartedly for offering an international football platform for the exiled Tibetan team which is widely known as the forbidden team,a team so determined faces untold series of obstacles not to mention of the Chinese regime’s omnipresent pressures before the players actually placing their feet on the football ground for the international  friendly matches and made known to all the ever widening and gaining popularity of  VIVA WORLD CUP in the Tibetan community. The TNSA  will continue to bridge the far reaching dreams of the exiled Tibetans and the true gushing passions for sports.

The Tibetan delegates in appreciations wished  the two selected  hosting NF Sports Associations of the Viva World Cup 2009 and 2010 a very successful hosting of the upcoming International competitions in the name of Tibetan National Sports Association (www.tnsa.info).The delegates took also the opportunity in the conclusion speech to thank all the Board members, the participating Associations and the individual members present in this 5th NF BOARD MEETING.






FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT: sft-italia@hotmail.it



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