Rinpoche e suo figlio condannati alla prigione in Cina

Rinpoche è stato arrestato il 15 marzo 2008 nel suo monastero, accusato di essere coinvolto nella rivolta del 10 marzo. E’stato condannato a 5 anni di detenzione nella prigione di Chushul.

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A Dri Rinpoche from Kham Zachu Kha of Onpo Monastery was sentenced to 5 years detention at Chushul prison. Rinpoche was previously a prisoner during the Cultural Revolution, though afterwards the PRC honored him with a post.  In this occuasion, he was arrested on 15th March 2008 at his monastery after being accused of involvement in the 10thMarch Uprising.  Rinpoche was then kept in Toe Lung Prison for a year.  On 15th December 2009, his Chinese disciples arrived in Lhasa to appeal his case.  They appealed for clemency based on the grounds of the Rinpoche’s age and poor health.  His time in prison led to a serious deterioration of his health, including two months of hospitalization.  Despite being sentenced to 5 years and beginning his term at Chushul prison in February 2010, Chinese authorities remained silent about his case until after Losar.

On 10th March 2008, Rinpoche received a call from Lhasa informing him that 8 monks from his monastery were imprisoned for participating in the Uprising.  Following this, Rinpochoe telephoned his son Dashe, who was in Nepal at the time preparing to return to Tibet as the situation was becoming critical.

Dashe, who was staying in a lodge in Kathmandu, immediately phoned friends in India to inform them about the serious events going on in Tibet.  He appealed to his friends to take immediate action.  Unfortunately, the lodge owner overheard these conversations and quickly reported them to Chinese authorities.  On 13th March 2008, before being able to reach Lhasa, buses travelling from Nepal to Tibet were blocked by the Chinese army.  That evening, Dashe and four companions were arrested on the spot.

Though his companions were released following the Olympics, Chinese authorities continued to hold Dashe.  In February 2010, he was sentenced to 10 years in Chushul prison after being accused of spreading news about Tibet to outsiders.  The Chinese authorities consider Dashe to be a traitor and a spy.  Following the verdict, Dashe was allowed to speak to his family for one minute, during which time he asked them not to worry about him and confirmed that he was in good health.

Fonte: Press Release, 15 marzo 2010


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