Reggie Littlejohn Keynotes Yale Conference

Reggie Littlejohn, a graduate of Yale Law School, delivered the keynote address for the Vita et Veritas Conference at Yale University earlier this month. Students from many colleges, including Harvard, Princeton and Wesleyan Universities were present at the packed event.

Littlejohn’s talk was entitled, “Fighting Forced Abortion and Gendercide – The Real War Against Women.” A graduate of Yale Law School, Littlejohn began by recalling her student days. One memory stood above the rest:

Littlejohn spoke about her experience working with Mother Teresa 

I’ll never forget was walking around the campus with a new student who had just escaped persecution for his faith in Africa. He had been jailed and tortured, had somehow managed to escape and was a special student at the Divinity School. I asked him, “So, what do you think of America?” I expected him to praise our freedom of thought and religion, but his response surprised me. He said, “People have so much freedom here, they don’t know what to do with it.” By the look in his eyes, I knew what he meant – that people in America who had never suffered persecution — who had never shed their blood to stand for the truth — were living blissfully self-centered lives, never giving a thought to those who are suffering under totalitarian regimes worldwide. We could do so much, if we would only use our freedom to help others. I determined on the spot to use my freedom to help those who are not free.


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