Rebiya Kadeer denuncia che le autorità cinesi hanno portato forzatamente 300,000 giovani donne Uigure a lavorare in Cina

Durante una conferenza stampa a Tokyo, Rebiya Kadeer, la leader Uigura in esilio, ha denunciato il  fatto che circa 300,000 giovani donne Uigure, da 14 a 25 anni di età, sono state portate in Cina a lavorare, in condizioni disumane, per i cinesi Han, anche se vi sono molti posti di lavoro nel Turkestan Orientale.Segue l’articolo in inglese.

Speaking at a Tokyo press conference, exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer said most of the 300,000 Uighur women transferred to work in China are 14 to 25 years old.

She says most of them are working under severe labor conditions.

“China took 300,000 girls from their homes to go work for Han Chinese in China, but we have plenty of jobs in our homeland of Turkestan.”

Kadeer also strongly denounced China for carrying out nuclear tests in her homeland over the years.

“China has been conducting over 46 nuclear tests in the most densely populated by Uighur areas of East Turkestan.”

She says the deaths were due to radiation sickness and deformities linked to those tests.

“China is responsible for the death of more than 700,000 people in the area according to an internal document.”

Kadeer is a former businesswoman who now leads the World Uighur Congress.

She last visited Japan in July, but this week’s trip will be her first since Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama took office last month.

Kadeer is in Japan until Monday delivering speeches at 10 universities across the nation.

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