Proteste e manifestazioni contro la visita di Hu Jintao negli Usa

Gruppi di democratici e a favore dei diritti umani in Cina continuano la loro protesta contro la visita del leader comunista cinese Hu Jintao negli States. I praticanti del falun gong e gruppi di tibetani sono stati i primi a schierarsi.

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On January 19, 2011, the human rights and democracy groups continued their protests against Chinese Communist leader Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States.The Falun Gong practitioners and Tibetan groups were the first to arrive in the morning.They pulled up banners and shouted slogans.Later, the Uyghur, Mongolians, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Taiwanese and other groups began to arrive.The total number of people protesting at the north gate of the White House reached four to five hundred.When the National Committee for the Democratic Party of China lead by Wang Juntao arrived, the police made unreasonable interference. After negotiations by the Falun Gong friends and Tibetan friends, everyone finally was able to reach the rally location just in between the north entrance to the White House and Blair House, the guesthouse of the US president where Hu Jintao was supposed to stay during his US visit. Wei Jingsheng delivered the first speech at the rally. In his speech, he criticized the confusion and softening of the Obama administration after the financial attack launched by Hu Jintao in the form of business orders, and their failure to continue the appropriate pressure on the Chinese Communist regime. This failure will result in the loss of an opportunity to change China’s economic policies, and will be negative for both improving the Sino-US trade structure and China’s economic and political reforms. Also it is not helpful for bringing the USA out of economic recession. Speakers representing the Democracy Party of China, Falun Gong, Tibet, Taiwan, and Vietnam also criticized the brutal repression and persecution by the Hu Jintao regime and the Chinese Communist Party. Everyone called for human rights for their persecuted and threatened fellows under the suppression of the Chinese Communist Party. Due to time constraints, the rally was unable to let every interested party have enough time to deliver their speeches. Later, many protesters walked to the State Department while nearly one hundred people, mostly composed by the National Committee of the Democratic Party of China, waited near the gate of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to voice their protest to the Hu Jintao team as it was on its way to the State Department for lunch. During the scheduled time and place for these protest groups, a group holding red flags to welcome Hu Jintao gradually arrived. Their red flags were interlocked with the flags and banners of protests. Such a strange behavior was not interfered with by the police. Instead, the police who had made a lot of trouble for the protesters in the morning evacuated to a safe place farther away. However, both groups kept a polite attitude, without a dramatic conflict. Only once, when a victim of the persecuted Falun Gong was telling of her suffering, one of the horns under the red flags started a continued interference. But it was only that horn, without others’ responding. Even the noises from the police motorcycles were much louder that that lonely horn. After the protest in front of the State Department, the protest groups returned to the White House in the same direction as Hu Jintao’s team. As the day was getting dark and the state dinner in the White House was about to start, the host, who had just received $45 billion in business orders from the guest, started to kick the protesters away. The Tibetans and Falun Gong practitioners, continually holding up their banners and shouting slogans, had to be moved to the north side of the park farther away from the White House. As a candle light vigil for these persecuted started, many enthusiastic Americans in the rush hour traffic gave them a thumbs-up for their persistent pursuit of their ideals and human rights. According to media reports, due to the voices of the strong protests and the boycott of the main leaders of both parties in Congress, both President Obama and journalists raised human rights and currency exchange issues to Hu Jintao. In repeated questioning, Hu Jintao made an oral admission and promise on human rights issues for the first time in the international arena. A senior observer commented: that is like throwing a bone to shut up the criticism. Tomorrow morning, Hu Jintao and his party will be in the US Congress to face the angry congressional members. By then, there will be people waiting to protest outside the Congress.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 21 gennaio 2011


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