Più di trenta studenti tibetani detenuti, di cui uno espulso nella Contea di Sertha

Negli ultimi mesi ci sono stati almeno otto casi di proteste sia da parte di individui che da gruppi tibetani contro il governo cinese. Trenta studenti sono stati detenuti. Uno di loro è stato espulso nella Contea di Sertha.

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Sertha County in Kardze (Ch: Ganzi) “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” (‘TAP’) over the past couple of months witnessed at least eight cases of protests by individuals and group against the Chinese government and reports of Tibetans having been detained also emerged from the area. In the latest case, more than thirty students of Khar Primary School in Sertha County were detained by the Chinese security forces following minor stone throwing incident that took place after security forces paraded monks in various places around the county. The names of the monks cannot be confirmed at the moment.

According to information provided by the source, on 8 April 2010, the Chinese security forces paraded two monks on a vehicle, who were arrested earlier for staging a protest, around various places in Sertha County. Sources told the Centre that the two were severely beaten up by the security forces while being paraded. On reaching Khar Primary School area, students started protesting against the security forces brutality and humiliation of monks and they started pelting stones on the security vehicles and shouted slogans. Glasses of the security forces’ vehicles were smashed and injuring few security forces in the melee. Later students wrote and pasted posters calling for Tibet’s independence around the school walls and on the teachers’ desks.

Following the incident more than thirty Tibetan students of Khar Primary school were detained by the security forces. Although most of the students were released after brief detention, around 10 students are still being held. It was announced that the remaining students won’t be released until they pay monetary fine of 2000 Yuan each and sign surety letter by their parents guaranteeing non participation by their children in such activities. The juveniles are currently held at Sertha county Public Security Bureau (PSB) Detention Centre. Most of the detained were students in their early teen.

Dhonyoe, a 16-year-old student of class VI who participated in the protest was expelled from the school.  Dhonyoe hails from Thatsi Township, Sertha County. Following the incident Khar Primary school administration was fined 10,000 Chinese Yuan for students’ indiscipline. There is no information on staff members expelled for their failure to check the protest.

According to sources, eighteen vehicles of People’s Armed Police (PAP) were brought into Sertha County as a measure to intimidate the residents thereby preventing the escalation of the protest.

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) condemns in strongest terms over the detention of juveniles and expulsion of the class VI student from school. The Centre calls on the government of People’s Republic of China for the immediate and unconditional release of around ten students who are still held at the County PSB Detention Centre and calls for the readmission of Dhonyoe into school without any delay.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 15 aprile 2010


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