Petizione a sostegno del giudice Garzon

Pubblichiamo l’appello del gruppo Avaaz a favore del giudice Garzon: in 72 ore, circa 40000 di noi hanno firmato una petizione per ottenere giustizia nel caso di Garzon, famoso giudice che aveva perseguito crimini contro l’umanità all’estero. Garzon è accusato di aver violato la legge di amnistia del 1977, ma gli esperti legali dicono che la legge internazionale è chiara: i crimini contro l’umanità non possono essere amnistiati.

Segue articolo in inglese:

In 72 hours, nearly 40,000 of us have signed a petition for justice in the Garzón cases. The court could rule any day now — forward this email widely and let’s raise one million voices for our democracy!

Dear friends across Spain,
Right now the Supreme Court is considering stripping Judge Baltasar Garzón of his license.

Garzón is famous for fearlessly pursuing crimes against humanity abroad. But when he chose to investigate Spain’s past atrocities and recent corruption scandals, legal actions and a political campaign were launched to destroy him and bury the truth.

Garzón is accused of violating the 1977 amnesty law, but legal experts say international law is clear: crimes against humanity cannot be amnestied. The Supreme Court now faces a historic choice: uphold the rule of law and their constitutional responsibility, or allow ideology and impunity over justice.

This fight will be won or lost in the court of public opinion. The Supreme Court is under enormous pressure to bring Garzón down, but a massive public outcry could tip the balance in favor of justice. Let’s build the largest petition in Spanish history, with 1 million of us standing up for democracy and universal human rights:

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Whatever we think of Garzon, he has gained a reputation for his relentless efforts to seek justice, pursue brutal dictators, terrorists, drug mafias and corrupt politicians.

But the Supreme Court has admitted three complaints against him, two of which could impact on two crucial investigations for our democracy: the case of crimes against humanity, and the Gürtel case, one of the largest bribery and corruption scandals in our recent history.

The crimes against humanity case is straight forward — these crimes are of such gravity that international law does not permit accused perpetrators to hide behind national amnesty laws, even if this law played a role at the time of our political transition.

If the court removes Garzon’s license it will be undermining their commitment to universal human rights and with it our faith in the judicial system. Sign the petition now and share it with all your friends and family:

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This petition is about all of us, beyond our political or party allegiances, defending our democracy, which is already weakened by an acute economic and political crisis and a plague of corruption. Only through bold citizens’ actions can we ensure that our political leaders and institutions work for the common good. This is our moment! Click below to sign:

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With determination,

Luis, Alice, Benjamin, Iain, Ricken, Paul and the entire Avaaz team, 18 marzo 2010


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