Persecuzione religiosa: a Henan, Cina, arrestate 60 persone

Henan, Cina – L’11 febbraio scorso, più di 60 religiosi sono stati arrestati dalla polizia locale nel distretto di Wolong, nella città di Nanyang. Al momento almeno 4 di essi sono ancora in custodia.

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HENAN – At 5:00 p.m. on February 11, 2009, more than 60 house church leaders, along with two South Korean pastors, were arrested by local police in Wolong district, Nanyang city in Henan province. At present, at least four leaders are still in custody.
The house church leaders came from four provinces to attend a seminar. The leaders are all evangelical Christians from different house church groups.  The two South Korean pastors, whose last names are Kim and Chang, came as speakers. More than 30 police from Nanyang Public Security Bureau (PSB) and (NSB) broke into the meeting place, arresting all the Christians and escorting them to Nanyang Jingda Hotel. Police took away all the personal belongings of the Christians, including money, cell phones, books, bags and daily necessities. They did not give the house church leaders receipts for confiscated items. Police forced each person to register and to pay a fine. Police then released some elderly believers.
Nanyang authorities summoned police from the home provinces of the arrested Christians. The provincial police were given authority to escort the Christians back to their home cities to be held in detention in local facilities. The two South Korean pastors were expelled from China on February 14 for “engaging in illegal religious activities” and have been banned from entering China for five years. On February 16, two more house church leaders were released after ChinaAid published this press release in Chinese.  After receiving calls from foreign journalists, authorities released the leaders.  ChinaAid will continue to send updates about this situation and the four house church leaders still in police custody.

Contact the Public Security Bureau of Nanyang City and request the immediate release of the four imprisoned house church leaders:

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