Onu: diritti umani in Cina, perchè gli Usa sono stati in silenzio?

Un membro della commissione dei Diritti Umani dell’ONU che qualche giorno fa si era riunita per valutare la situazione dei diritti umani in Cina, ha espresso disappunto per il fatto che gli Stati Uniti sono stati in silenzio durante la sessione delle Nazioni Unite che dibatteva sulla situazione delle libertà fondamentali nel paese asiatico.

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Washington, D.C. -In remarks on the House floor Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) criticized the Obama Administration for failing to actively participate in a United Nations review of the human rights records of some of the world’s worst abusers.
A member of the bipartisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, Wolf said he was “disappointed” that the United States has been silent during the “universal periodic review” presently under way by the 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council.

“The Obama Administration made a pledge to place human rights at the top of its agenda,” Wolf said.  “By staying silent, it is off to the wrong start.”

In addition speaking on the floor, Wolf is preparing a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voicing his disappointment.  He will also urge her to make human rights and religious freedom a top priority during her upcoming trip to China.

Below is a copy of Wolf’s prepared remarks:

Remarks of Rep. Frank Wolf
Monday, February 9, 2009
U.S. Delegation Silent at U.N. Review of Human Rights Abusers

“The United Nations Human Rights Council is now conducting reviews of the human rights records of 16 countries-among which are China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

“While the United States is not a member of the Human Rights Council, every member of the U.N. has an opportunity to pose questions and raise concerns about the human rights record of the country being reviewed.

“I was shocked and disappointed to learn that for the last week, the U.S. delegation has been silent.  How can America be say nothing about four of the worst offenders of human rights and religious freedom in the world?

“China has been designated by the State Department’s annual Religious Freedom report as a country of particular concern every year since 1999.  And the U.S. delegation has remained silent.

“Saudi Arabia, too, has received this designation for the past four years.  And the U.S. delegation has remained silent.

“The U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom placed Cuba on their watch list in 2008.  And the U.S. delegation has remained silent.

“This administration made a pledge to place human rights at the top of its agenda.  The administration is off to the wrong start on making human rights a priority.”

posted on DossierTibet, 16 febbraio 2009


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