ONU, Cina respinge le accuse

La delegazione cinese alle Nazioni Unite difende l’operato del Governo circa il trattamento dei cittadini.E’ stato affermato, dalla delegazione guidata dall’abasciatore Li Baodong, che in Cina vengono rispettate le diverse opinioni e che il Governo è contrario all’uso della tortura.

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United Nations delegates took China to task on its human rights record Monday, pressing officials about Tibet, labor camps, the death penalty, torture in custody and the treatment of dissidents, in a U.N. rights panel’s first full review of the country’s progress.

The Chinese delegation, led by Ambassador Li Baodong, defended the government’s treatment of citizens, telling the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva that people in China are free to voice their opinions to the media and that the government opposes torture.

The questioning session was part of a review program started in 2007 that will examine all U.N. member states every four years.

In a report submitted before the proceedings, China emphasized that it believes human rights are related to economic growth. As standards of living have improved, it argues, so have political participation and the robustness of the judicial system.

“China respects the principle of the universality of human rights,” the document states. But it adds: “Given differences in political systems, levels of development and historical and cultural backgrounds, it is natural for countries to have different views on the question of human rights.”

By Ariana Eunjung Cha

Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, February 10, 2009; Page A12


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