Obama dovrebbe reinteressarsi della questione Uighuri durante il viaggio in Cina

L’associazione Uighuri (UAA) ringrazia il governo americano per aver espresso interesse sulle recenti esecuzioni di nove persone in Urumchi ed invita il Presidente Obama a reinteressarsi alla questione durante il suo viaggio in Cina.

The Uyghur American Association (UAA) thanks the U.S. government for expressing concern over the recent executions of nine people in Urumchi that were related to July 5, 2009 unrest in the city, and calls upon President Obama to reiterate this concern on his forthcoming trip to China, beginning November 16. It is vitally important that President Obama and the U.S. government highlight America’s strong commitment to due process and the rule of law when meeting with Chinese leaders, particularly in light of the executions, arbitrary detentions, and torture and killings of Uyghur detainees that have taken place in East Turkestan since July 5.

“The United States should communicate to Chinese leaders the reality that transparency in their criminal and judicial proceedings, together with recognition of deep-rooted grievances that led to unrest on July 5, is the only way to ease tensions in the region,” said Uyghur democracy leader Rebiya Kadeer. “President Obama should remind the Beijing leadership that is in their long-term interests to openly investigate the unrest that took place on and after July 5, as this is the path toward genuine peace and stability in East Turkestan.”

As President Obama continues his engagement with the broader Muslim world, the situation in East Turkestan presents an opportunity to reinforce his commitment to the rights of the predominantly-Muslim Uyghur population, while also demonstrating his concern for the rights of all the citizens of the People’s Republic of China. The Uyghur people have long looked upon the government of the United States as a beacon of hope and freedom.

UAA urges President Obama to make the following requests in Beijing:

*Ensure that those accused of crimes related to the July 5 unrest, especially those crimes subject to the death penalty, are tried in an open and fair court, and given access to legal representation of their choosing;

*Allow foreign media independent, unrestricted access to conduct reporting throughout East Turkestan and to report on trials of defendants accused of crimes related to July 5;

*Allow an independent investigation into reports of killings and other excessive force carried out by Chinese security forces against peaceful Uyghurs on July 5 and subsequent days;

*Extend invitations to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Special Rapporteurs on religious freedom, arbitrary execution, torture and the independence of judges and lawyers to visit East Turkestan;

*End the arbitrary detention of Uyghurs, provide a full account of the detentions of Uyghurs that have been carried out throughout East Turkestan since July 5, inform family members of the location where detainees are being held, and release detainees who have been held without evidence;

*Restore Internet access, international telephone communications, and text message capabilities in East Turkestan, which have been blocked throughout the region for more than four months;

*Address the root causes of Uyghur discontent that led to the July 5 unrest, including political and religious repression, economic discrimination, and the dilution of Uyghurs’ language and culture.

Fonte: Associazione Uighuri, 15 novembre 2009


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