Nuovi arresti in Tibet

La polizia cinese ha arrestato dei Monaci nella provincia Tibetana del Kham per aver sventolato la bandiera tibetana ed aver gridato slogans per l’indipendenza del Tibet. Continuano le proteste studentesche. Segue il comunicato in inglese.

Tibet : China arrest 2 in Nyagrong and Machu, students protest in Sertha
Chinese authorities in Nyagrong County in the Tibetan province of Kham have arrested a Tibetan monk named Abo Tashi, a 22 year old Tibetan monk of Guru monastery, for taking part in a protest rally.
Abo Tashi was accompanied in the protest by Tsering Gyaltsen, 19; Tsering Wangchuk, 22; of Guru monastery and Rinzin Dorjee from Jamchok monastery. The four rode bikes carrying the banned Tibetan national flag and chanted slogan that demanded “independence for Tibet”.
Following the protest, more than 500 local Tibetans joined a protest march in support of the activities of the four Tibetans. As of now there is no information as to where Abo Tashi has been taken.
Meanwhile, around 20 Tibetan students of a Tibetan school Sertha County were arrested after they staged a protest Saturday and handed out pamphlets with contents that are banned by the Chinese government. The students, however, were released the same day.
In Machu County, Chinese authorities have arrested a Tibetan monk named Tashi Gyatso of Sarma monastery on April 8, 2010. The same source further said that the authorities have allegedly found equipment to receive Tibetan service of Voice of America radio from his quarter at the monastery.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 12 aprile, 2010


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