Notice from the Laogai Research Foundation

Since taking on administration of the Yahoo Human Rights Fund in early 2008, we have shouldered this heavy responsibility to the best of our ability. We now wish to report on our efforts over the past year.

The purpose of the Yahoo Human Rights Fund is to improve the human rights situation in China. One of its goals is to provide financial support to those who bravely carry on the fight for freedom in mainland China. In recent years there has been wave upon wave of people in China who have given their all to this cause, only to be persecuted by the authorities. Many have been sent to reform through labor in the laogai, and remain in prison. Many who have been released find it impossible to make the most basic living for themselves and their families. Many of these activists see their punishment passed on to their children, spouses and other family members, who are deprived of work, or subjected to persecution and prejudice. Apart from providing these people with political aid, we also offer moral support as well as providing them with funds to relieve some of their difficulties.

The support provided by the Yahoo Human Rights Fund is subject to certain parameters, conditions and stipulations, but we have extended it to assist as many people as possible. Although we cannot hope to offer a blanket solution, our contribution is better than nothing. We provide financial aid in amounts ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

In the year 2008, we provided assistance to 37 individuals. All of them had been convicted of the crimes of subversion of state power or incitement to subvert. Among them, 14 have been released from prison, while 20 others remain in prison. The remaining three have not yet been arrested but are living in perilous circumstances. Althought the number of recipients of assistance from the Yahoo Human Rights Fund is limited, we provide them with as much financial assistance as possible without asking them to do anything in return, and without requiring them to express any particular views. We fully respect individual freedom and dignity.

Looking back on the past year, we admit our shortcomings. It is difficult for people in need to communicate with us, and very difficult for us to transfer aid funding to them, but we feel compelled to press forward, however insignificant our effort, for the sake of all those subjected to the Communist regime’s repression and devastation.

Harry H. Wu
Executive Director
Laogai Research Foundation

Posted on on 27 Janyary 2009


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