Nelle carceri tibetane i fuggiaschi espulsi dal Nepal

Il Nepal ha nuovamente espulso, dopo sette anni, tre fuggitivi in fuga verso la Cina.

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Seven years after triggering international condemnation by violating a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ and handing over a group of fleeing Tibetan refugees to China, Nepal has again deported three more fugitives under growing Chinese pressure.Two Tibetan monks from Korchak monastery in Tibet, located close to the border with Nepal, and a woman, who was probably a government official, were sent back in an extraordinary way, involving flying them back in a helicopter under the escort of a Nepali politician.The two monks were identified as Dawa, 20, and Dorjee, 21, while the woman was a 22-year-old identified as Penpa.Penpa and one of the monks have been jailed and will serve around six months. The three were detained by Nepal police last month in northern Humla district bordering Tibet.Chinese border police were in touch with their Nepali counterparts and after the three were caught, they were taken by helicopter to the border, accompanied by an unidentified Nepali politician and a policeman.The whole operation was conducted in the utmost secrecy. The first whiff emerged last week after a Nepali television channel mentioned the expulsion briefly without any details.A near case of deportation occurred last month when a group of Tibetans, including two sick children, were apprehended in the Nepal border region by Nepal police, then abandoned on the difficult route back towards Tibet.The group hid for two days from Chinese police searching for them in the mountains of Nepal until they were rescued and brought safely to the Tibetan refugee transit centre in Kathmandu.Tibetans repatriated from Nepal suffered torture, including electric shocks, exposure to cold and severe beatings. They were also forced to perform heavy physical labour.The revelation of the deportations comes as China held talks with Nepal in Kathmandu in a bid to further tighten border monitoring.China’s Vice-Minister for Public Security Chen Zhiming led a Chinese team to Kathmandu to participate in Tuesday’s talks on bilateral cooperation for implementing laws related to border security.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 29 luglio 2010


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