Negato il diritto di visita a un attivista in carcere

Washington, Usa – Un attivista cinese dei diritti umani, Qin Yongmin, si trova in carcere da 10 anni. La sua famiglia ha recentemente richiesto una visita per il Nuovo Anno cinese ma le autorità hanno negato il loro diritto ad incontrarlo.

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Washington, Usa —Chinese democracy activist Qin Yongmin has been incarcerated for the past 10 years. His family files annual requests to visit for Chinese New Year but the Chinese authorities have consistently denied his visitation rights.
Qin was sentenced to 12 years prison in 1998 on charges of “subverting state power,” after he formed the China Democracy Party in the central city of Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Qin was imprisoned several times since the early 1980s for his activities in support of democratic and human rights reforms, including eight years in prison and two years in a forced labor camp.

Qin’s daughter, Adan, was about eight years old when her father was put in jail in 1998. When Adan’s school recently closed for the Chinese New Year holiday, she planned to visit her father but the request was rejected. “I haven’t seen my father for 10 years now and I miss him very much. I hope he can take good care of himself in prison,” she said. The prison didn’t provide a reason for why they wouldn’t let her visit.

Qin’s ex-wife, Li Jinfang, said Adan had only received one letter from her father over the past 10 years—from last Chinese New Year. The content of the letter suggested that Qin had written her many times before, but she received none of them.

Qin’s health is also worsening, and he now has a serious stomach problem, according to Li. “His whole family very worries about him,” she said.

The Chinese Human Rights Defenders network reported that ever since Qin was incarcerated, the authorities have not allowed him to have any contact with the outside world, including visits from family members. The report called on the Chinese authorities to show mercy, by at least allowing him some contact with his family.

(Fonte: DossierTibet, posted on 27 January 2009)


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