Mongolia meridionale: blackout informazioni

Quasi tutte le chat in lingua mongola, blog personali e gruppi di discussione sono stati bloccati agli utenti della Mongolia meridionale. Le autorità cinesi hanno voluto creare un blackout di informazione per tagliare tutti i contatti con il mondo esterno.

Leggi l’articolo in inglese:

Almost all Mongolian language internet chat rooms, personal blogs, and discussion groups are either completely shutdown or write-access disabled in Southern Mongolia as the Chinese authorities attempt to create an information blackout in the region to cut off any contact to the outside world.Boljoo,a Mongolian script free instant messenger software popular among the Mongolians, has been completely shutdown along with its discussion forum since May 30, 2011;Other Mongolian popular sites like Ulaaq Internet Bar ( are still up, but the feature of posting messages has been disabled by the Chinese authorities. “If you look at these sites, they seem to be on. In fact, they are useless because no one can post anything on them,” an administrator of a Mongolian site who asked not to be identified, told SMHRIC over an instant messenger, “the Internet censorship here is increasingly tricky.” China’s major Internet search engine Baidu ( continues to filter out information on the Mongolian protests. A key word “Inner Mongolia protest” (“nei meng gu kang yi” in Chinese) typed in its discussion forum (“tie ba” in Chinese) returned no results, stating that “sorry, in accordance with relevant laws and policies, this discussion forum is temporarily closed.” Both cell phone and land line calls are blocked or restricted. Phone calls to schools and other institutions remain unanswered. In western Southern Mongolia’s Alshaa League, cell phone service has been interrupted since a week ago and the authorities there issued a document to fire anyone who sent any text message supporting the protests.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 14 giugno 2011


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