Messo in dubbio il controllo dei fondi destinati a contrastare la recessione

Recentemente il governo cinese ha dichiarato che controllerà attentamente l’utilizzazione dei fondi destinati a contrastare la recessione. Il Prof Xie Tian, commentatore della Radio “Sound of Hope”, denuncia l’incapacità del regime di poter realmente effettuare un valido controllo. Il commentatore afferma che la corruzione in Cina è ad alti livelli del governo stesso.   

Segue il comunicato in ingleseChina : Monitoring of recent recession funds questioned

Recently, the Chinese Communist government issued a speech that they will be strictly supervising the 4 trillion yu en worth of funds that will be used to help its fading economy. Prof. Xie Tian, a Commentator from Sound of Hope Radio said that the problem is that the regime does not have the infrastructure to conduct an honest supervision of these things.  The regime has announced they will set up 24 inspection teams to supervise the management of funds allocations. Professor Xie Tian stated that the recent disaster of toxic milk shows that anything can be gotten away with for the people who are doing the wrongs are not low level employees of any business, but the officials themselves. He said that with this case it is just that the government is setting up different measures that will have the same result. The corruption comes from the top levels he said.

The statistics from the past have shown a constant level of corruption from the CCP officials. The professor questions how anyone thinks it will be different this time. The professor stated that he is unsure if the small and medium size businesses will receive anything, for another state of corruption within officials is that only the big businesses usually get any assistance and are shown favour because they can afford to pay off officials. In China there is no independent monitoring agency. This makes honesty and fairness hard to achieve.

Professor Xie Tian said that China is now under civil resistance and the human rights movement is getting more and more wide spread. Chinese officials know that their time in their position is now limited and will speed up the plundering of the people’s wealth.

The above news is brought to you by Wen Fu and Li Yuhan, hosted ……. for Inside China Today on SOH Radio Network.


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