Lettera di Harry Wu

Lettera scritta dal Presidente della Laogai Research Foundation, Harry Wu, a tutti gli amici di Libertates, che con il loro costante lavoro continuano la battaglia per la libertà dei diritti umani.

Di seguito il testo integrale della lettera in lingua originale:

I warmly greet all friends from Libertates and congratulate you on your ongoing battle for freedom and human rights! We at the Laogai research Foundation continue to denounce to the authorities and to the media the tragedy of the Laogai Camps where millions of human beings are obligated to do forced labor for the economic advantage of the Chinese Communist Party. Recently, I advised Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) on China’s human rights situation before he gave a statement before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Oversight and Investigations, saying that “the U.S. should not cooperate with [the] People’s Liberation Army to help develop China’s space program”. Besides economic and security reasons, Mr. Wolf cited China’s human rights record as a reason for the U.S. to refrain from transferring technology or sensitive information to the PLA. He said, “American companies ought to represent American values”. Additionally, we are helping three Chinese dissidents to sue Cisco Systems, Inc. for supporting the Chinese regime with their internet surveillance technology, and thus helping to restrict freedom of expression in China. This case could have a far-reaching impact on how U.S. technology companies conduct business in authoritarian regimes and it could provide an answer to an evolving legal question: Can U.S. companies be held liable if foreign governments use their products for repression?
Also, our Laogai Museum in Dupont Circle is becoming ever more popular, particularly among high school and college student groups. At its entrance we have installed a small display that introduces China’s Laogai prison system alongside panels of information about Nazi Germany’s concentration camps, the Soviet gulags, and the Cambodian killing fields. The much lesser-known Laogai system, designed to punish those identified as “opponents of the Communist regime,” is revealed at the museum. The exhibits provide a comprehensive, and at times very disturbing, history of the Laogai. We are also very proud of the work being carried by our Italian Branch and in the following days I will be travelling to Milano, Trento, Volano and Bologna to speak at a number of Conferences organised by LRF Italy, the CARITRO Foundation and the Provincial Authorities of Milano and Trento. Last but not least, our 25-panel photo exhibition will be on display for 20 days at the Regional Authority building in central Trento.
Keep up the good work my friends – justice and liberty shall prevail!

Fonte: Libertates, 20 novembre 2011


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