La Cina rafforza i suoi legami politico-economici con il Laos e la Cambogia.

Il consigliere politico cinese Jia Qinglin ha visitato la capitale del Laos Vientiane ed il Consigliere di Stato Meng Jianzhu ha incontrato il PM cambogiano Hun Sen. La Cina ha investito forti somme nei due paesi ed a portato migliaia di lavoratori cinesi per progetti di costruzione.  Non mancano le critiche di organizzazioni locali che vedono questa azione della Cina come semplice imperialismo. Segue il comunicato di BBC News in inglese. 

China builds South East Asia ties

China‘s top political adviser, Jia Qinglin, has arrived in the Lao capital Vientiane, on a goodwill visit.  Separately, Chinese State Councillor Meng Jianzhu arrived in Cambodia and met Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.  Hun Sen highlighted the importance of China – and its powerful economy – to South East Asia. At times under Vietnam’s umbrella, Laos and Cambodia have been receiving more Chinese investment, aid and migration in recent years.  Chinese state media reported Hun Sen as saying that the fast economic development of China was an encouragement not only for the Chinese people, but for people in the region.  Laos and Cambodia have been willing recipients of growing amounts of financial and other assistance from China, from the building of roads to the migration of traders. Cambodia appreciated the long-term support and help that China has given for the economic and social development of Cambodia, Hun Sen said.  Officials then signed agreements to promote co-ordination of security between the two countries, part of which will involve China donating police equipment to Cambodia.  Project criticized.  In Laos, China is funding several large construction projects, including the now completed road from northern Laos into southern China.  Thousands of Chinese workers have been brought to the country to work on these projects.  Correspondents say that criticism has emerged of  of what some see as overly close ties with China.  They cite the example of the stadium under construction in Vientiane which is financed by the China Development Bank. The bank brought in the Suzhou Industrial Park Overseas Investment company from China, which was then granted a 50-year lease on 1,600 hectares of marshland to build a special residential zone in an area of ecological and national significance near That Luang monastery.  Opponents of the That Luang Township have said that the plan to turn a large marshland into a new “Chinatown” cedes too much sovereignty to the large neighbour to the north. Unofficial estimates of about 300,000 new Chinese residents in Laos are impossible to confirm as many Chinese live without documentation, correspondents say.  The Xinhua news agency reported Mr Jia as saying that China and Laos have enjoyed “frequent contacts between leaders, ever-deepening economic co-operation and trade, mutual support and close co-ordination in international and regional affairs and expanded exchanges and co-operation in diverse areas”.  Mr Jia said he hoped that this visit will “promote continuous progress in China-Laos relationship featuring long-term stability, good neighbourliness, mutual trust and comprehensive co-operation”.




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