La Cina convoca un meeting sulla resistenza del Tibet

I leaders del Partito Comunista Cinese si sono riuniti ieri a Pechino per discutere i modi per fronteggiare la crescente resistenza in Tibet al regime oppressivo cinese. Arresti, tortura e prigionia sono infatti all’ordine del giorno.

Communist Chinese Party leaders gathered in Beijing today to discuss ways to meet the growing resistance to Chinese rule in Tibet. Following 2008’s National Uprising for Tibetan independence, the Chinese regime has imposed a range oppressive and violent restrictions upon Tibetans, including mass arrests, torture and imprisonment. Further ideological propaganda  has been imposed upon monasteries, with the strengthening of the so-called ‘Patriotic Education Campaign’.  While the destruction of Tibet’s nomadic hertitage continues with the forcible settlement of Tibetan nomads into what are effectively concentration camps. Yet, the spirit of freedom and resistance to China’s illegal occupation remaims undiminished, a fact that is generating intense frustration and anger among the Chinese leadership, which, in classic imperialistic arrogance, presumes its occupation of Tibet is both legitimate and exercises modernity and progress.  The meeting was chaired by  Hu Jintao and members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee , which desperate to find a solution to the continuing opposition by Tibetans could only repeat the empty mantra of Tibet’s so-called development, and what was termed safeguarding national security, a clear indication of the agenda under discussion!

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 9 gennaio 2010


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