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La Cina aumenta la spesa militare

La autorità cinesi affermano che la spesa militare sarà incrementata quest’anno del 14.9%

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Analysts say defence spending is higher than the official figure, but Beijing says there are no hidden outlays. “There is no such thing as so-called hidden military expenditure in China,” said Mr Li at a news conference in Beijing. The new military budget was released on the eve of the annual session of the National People’s Congress, China’s parliament. Mr Li described the increase as modest, saying that China wanted to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity “and would not threaten any country”. Analysts say the increase marks the 19th double-digit boost in defence spending by China in the last 20 years. Previous increases in defence spending have been greeted by alarm from China’s neighbours and the US, who have voiced concerns over Beijing’s modernisation of its military.

posted by DossierTibet, 4 marzo 2009