Italian MP urges govt to speak against atrocities in Hong Kong, Tibet

DHARAMSHALA, July 21: Italian MP Matteo Luigi Bianchi urged his government to change its position on China’s increasing atrocities in Hong Kong and Tibet on Monday. Lawmaker Bianchi emphasised the importance to articulate a stand on China’s enforcement of the national security law in Hong Kong.

MP Bianchi expressed concerns over Chinese destruction of the Tibetan culture and cited the recent example of destroying prayer flags under the behavioural reform campaign in Tibet. Presenting the Motion 1-362 in the Italian parliament, he said, “We cannot tolerate violent repressions from our business partner [China]” that challenges the internationally established fundamental rights and democratic values.

He further added that a G-7 country like Italy should make clear their position on China as only making “sentences of condemnation” is not enough. Lawmaker Bianchi cautioned against China’s expansionist policies and asserted the need for the international community to stop the escalating threat from China.

On July 9th, MP Bianchi raised his concerns over the ongoing violations of human rights and urged other Western countries not to remain “silent in the face of Chinese bullying and repression against Tibetan People”.

In the same appeal, he highlighted the risk and threat associated with China’s Belt and Road project, and further warned the government that China’s security law will bring “an end to Hong Kong’s last remnant of diversity.” He called upon the international community to speak out against Chinese dictatorship by noting that refraining from denunciation on these human rights cases reflected complicity towards dictatorship rather than freedom.

Italian MP Bianchi has been a long-time Tibet supporter and an active member of Italy Parliamentary Group for Tibet. Earlier this year in January, he raised issues concerning the situation in Tibet during a parliament session citing cases of destruction by China since its occupation of Tibet.

Phayul: 2020/07/21


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