Intrusioni delle truppe cinesi oltre la linea McMahon in India

I soldati cinesi quest’anno hanno attraversato la linea McMahon ben quattro volte e questo ha destato preoccupazione, perchè l’India non ha delle strutture di frontiera attrezzate.

Segue articolo in ingese:

Chinese soldiers had crossed the McMahon Line into Arunachal Pradesh state of India at least four times this year, PTI news service Sep 21 cited an MP from the state, Mr Takam Sanjoy, as saying.”We have specific information that they made four incursions in the Zemithang area to the northeast of Lumla in Tawang district. Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and I met the Prime Minister to tell him that the situation in Arunachal Pradesh is not good,” the report quoted Sanjoy as saying. “It is high time we realized Arunachal Pradesh is more important than J&K strategically and from the defence point of view,” he was quoted as saying. He has expressed concern that India was lacking behind China in border infrastructure development. According to him, China has completed a survey for railway from Lhasa (Tibet capital) to Bumla (on McMahon Line, 37 km north of Tawang town) besides building highways and other infrastructure. He wanted India to counter them with similar measures to facilitate soldiers guarding the frontier.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 23 settembre 2010


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