Insegnante tibetana condannata a 15 anni di prigione

Una insegnante tibetana è stata condannata a 15 anni di prigione perchè sospettata di coinvolgimento in alcuni movimenti politici.

Segue articolo in inglese:

A Tibetan female teacher Lhamo Kyab from Nagchu Prefecture have been sentenced for 15 years of prison in January for alleged suspect in involvement in political movements.Lhamo Kyab, a retired teacher from the Nagchu primary school was caught by the secret service from a new nomadic region in Shagchu kha of Driru county, Nagchu Prefecture,in the mid of the year 2008. She was taken from a private school one night suddenly by covering a black cloth over her head from the nomadic region where she was teaching voluntarily. From there she was taken to her house where they rummaged whole of her house and took her to a secret detention center in Lhasa without giving any explanation to her relative sisters present there in the house at that time.

Lhamo Kyab was kept in the secret detention center probing for nearly two years and finally in January she was sentenced to 15 years of prison term without proper judicial procedures. Presently her whereabouts is not known.

Lhamo Kyab was born to father Dhondup of Nyenpa Tsang family. She was the only daughter of her family, from childhood she had studied in local school in Nagchu. She completed her teacher training from Nagchu Teacher Training School in 1982. She taught Tibetan, Chinese and Mathematics in first primary school in Nagchu and retired in 2007. She was not provided with any post for she haven’t involved in the Communist party although she was an important person of the school working sincerely for the students and having great concern for the Tibetan culture and tradition. She is highly respected by the students, parents, staffs and the people of Nagchu area.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 15 maggio 2010


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