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Il TPUM, Tibetan People Uprising Movement consegna un memorandum a tutte le ambasciate e consolati stranieri a Nuova Delhi

Ecco il testo.  “An appeal for the support of Tibetan People’s Struggle for Freedom, Justice and Human Rights.   Your Excellency Sir/ Madam,  The Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement (TPUM) is a global movement of Tibetans launched by four major Tibetan Non-Governmental Organizations based in India. TPUM aims to take control of the political destiny of the Tibetan people by engaging in non-violent direct struggle to end China’s illegal and brutal occupation of Tibet.  Your Excellency, foremost, we express our sincere gratitude and utmost appreciation for the overwhelming humanitarian and political support we have been rendered since China invaded and occupied our country Tibet in 1949. The entire six million Tibetans all around the world cherish this invaluable support and compassion that your esteemed Government and people continue to bestow on us in our most difficult times”.