Il Partito Comunista cinese tenta di coprire la verità dello Xinjiang

La tragedia di Urumqi è stata profondamente condannata. Il Congresso Usa e il Consiglio dell’Unione Europea hanno denunciato il tentativo del Partito Comunista cinese di manipolare le violenze accadute nella Regione dello Xinjiang. Lo scandalo delle elezioni in Iran e il giro di vite accaduto in Cina, sono diventati i punti centrali della recente diplomazia dell’Unione Europea. Sebbene il Partito Comunista cinese ha tentato di coprire i fatti, la Comunità Internazionale ha scoperto la verità, la quale è riconducibile al fatto che il Partito Comunista cinese, o una fazione di esso, sta tentanto di provocare un odio etnico come mezzo per distogliere l’attenzione. Se ciò dovesse accadere, una maggiore pulizia etnica non sarà lontana dal presentarsi.

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The Urumqi tragedy has been widely condemned. The US Congress and the Council of European Union both denounced the violence manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Iran’s election scandal and China’s crackdown in Xinjiang have become EU’s recent diplomatic focal points. Although the CCP tried to cover facts, the international community has gradually come to know the truth, that is that the CCP or a faction of CCP is trying to provoke ethnical hatreds as a means of diverting crisis. If it is let go, more widespread ethnical cleansing will not be far away.

Although the CCP is still covering-up some facts thus making it impossible for others to use clear ways to make a judgment as in court to put involved organizations and personnel on trial in accordance with the law, people still can foresee the CCP’s intent and move, as chess players do against each other, based on what is covered up and what is not by the CCP.  In the ten days since the incident, the main theme of the CCP’s propaganda has been that Uyghur terrorists are killing the Han Chinese.  Is this a fact? Partially. The liar using partial fact to cheat is a skilled liar.

There are yet two other facts that were covered up. One is that any angry people in fighting can behave totally madly without any reason. The majority of those involved in the violence are not politically motivated terrorists but rather ordinary people in madness. The other fact is that the hatred provocative extremists and terrorists do not belong to the World Uyghur Congress which is moderate.

However, the CCP immediately framed the World Uyghur Congress for the incident from the very beginning. This tells us that the incident is in fact a planted political move by the CCP instead of a commonly thought random event happening accidentally.  Judging by the main propaganda the CCP has been trying to spread since then, it is clear that they are painting a Uyghur-killing-Han picture, currently as well as historically. One cannot make a plausible understanding of the CCP if not to take the CCP as the very party who is fanning ethnical flames.

If it is not deliberately fanning flames of ethnical hatred, the regime should not have brought up the issue of ethnical differences and they should punish the rioters and be sympathetic with the victims using the same standard regardless ethnical background. However, both the Chinese regime and the CCP controlled news media have cooperated with each other to provocatively highlight the ethnic issue.

Clearly, the CCP’s conduct throughout the Urumqi incident runs against conventional wisdom. Its propaganda is the same as that of the Nazi in killing the Jews and as some Southeast Asian countries fan up riots against the Chinese.  This is no doubt provoking ethnical cleansing, regardless whether the bloody incident was spontaneous or manipulated by the regime.  Clearly, the CCP is using this incident to reach its goals to fan up ethnical flames, to divert society’s attention, and to force or lure the people into the dictator’s trap.

During the Nuremberg trial, Hitler’s right hand man, Field Marshal General Hermann Goring talked about how the few Nazis succeeded in making all the Germans willfully do bad things. Goring bluntly stated: “it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along. The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

In other words, by creating fear it’s possible to turn a human being to a beast and rid people of morality and justice to do anything to survive. The CCP’s propaganda so far fits exactly in Goring’s doctrine. Some Han Chinese’s behaviors, on the other hand, are not better off than the then Germans.

More importantly, once the CCP succeeds in framing Chinese ethnic minorities, the majority of the fooled Han will follow and totally forget about their own miseries.  With that, the CCP would have nothing to worry about; not only would it shore up the CCP’s base, paving its way for exploiting the people, but also allow the CCP to turn its ill-fed people into brutal murderers who would kill and invade without a blink.

Historically, was not it true that the Germans and Japanese were fooled to become their dictators’ butchers under the slogan of rebuilding their countries and resisting foreign invasion? In fact, the self-labeled “smart” Chinese were also turned into Mao’s and Deng’s murderers.  I just hope that the Han Chinese who think that they are getting smarter now will learn historic lessons.  Do not become puppies of the dictators again!

Posted on DossierTibet, July 17, 2009


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