I Tibetani in esilio sostengono la strada del dialogo

Dharamsala, India. (AFP). Alla riunione dei delegati dei tibetani in esilio, convocata dal Dalai Lama, i partecipanti sostengono la strada del dialogo con la Cina con lo scopo di ottenere l’autonomia della nazione tibetana.  Segue l’articolo ripreso da Yahoo News in inglese

DHARAMSHALA, India (AFP) – – Tibetan exiles on Saturday backed continued negotiations with China to try to achieve autonomy for the region, after the Dalai Lama asked followers to review the troubled policy.

The spiritual leader had summoned nearly 600 leading exiles after admitting his “middle way” approach of attempting to secure concessions from China had failed to achieve a breakthrough.

“We wish to pursue the ‘middle way’ further,” Karma Chophel, speaker of the Tibetan government-in-exile, told delegates at the closing session of the special meeting to a loud burst of applause.

The week-long talks at the exiles’ base in Dharamshala in northern India sought to offer new guidance to the Dalai Lama, but — 49 years after he fled Tibet — they also highlighted the exiles’ divisions.

Many participants had called for the “middle way” approach to be replaced by an unequivocal demand for independence.

But most expressed equally strong opinions against dropping the policy, saying the shift would lose Tibetans international support and further antagonise China.

“His policy is practical,” Jamyang Jinpa, a 29-year-old monk attending the meeting, told AFP. “It’s one that can move with the times.”

Delegates had divided into 15 committees, each of which presented a report, and the final consensus was decided Saturday.

Lhadon Thethorg, a delegate and New York president of Students for a Free Tibet, said the meeting had heard many calls for independence, but she accepted her hopes of a significant policy change had been dashed.

“We are in a democratic system, but the opinion of the majority may not be the right one,” she said.

“Whether for the ‘middle way’ or independence for Tibet, people are calling for more vigorous action.”

China on Friday moved to pre-empt the meeting’s decision, accusing the Dalai Lama of covertly campaigning for independence.

In a commentary published by the official Xinhua news agency, the Dalai Lama’s insistence that he is only seeking autonomy for Tibet was again flatly rejected.

“When conditions are ripe, they will seek to realise ‘complete Tibet independence’,” it said.


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