Grande protesta di poliziotti cinesi nella provincia dell’Hunan

Il China Information Center for Human Rights afferma che piu’ di 100 poliziotti hanno circondato la sede della polizia municipale di Leiyan nella provincial dell’Hunan, attaccando l’edificio e distruggendo del materiale. Le ragioni della protesta sono i bassi salari. La polizia è la difesa principale del regime e questo tipo di proteste mostra la profonda crisi del Partito Comunista Cinese. 

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According to the China Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, the protest continued for 3 hours on December 2. Most of those taking part were volunteer police from the Patrol Team of the Leiyang City Bureau of Public Security, as well as regular policemen. Some of those protesting took part in 110 patrol police vehicles.    

President of the China Interim Government Mr Wu Fan says that the Chinese Communist Party relies on violence and deceit to rule. Its own tool for violence, the police force, are now starting to take to the streets, showing that the roots of the regime is on shaky grounds. Mr Wu says the police are one of the regime’s main hit men, and it is now opposing the organisation itself. Mr Wu says this is because even the police are seeking to protect their own benefits, and those who have not completely gone against their conscience to commit heinous crimes in the name of regime’s interest, still need to take care of their families and interests.

Democracy activist and the North America contact person for the Chinese Democracy Party, Mr Zhen Chun-zhu says that the avenues for the public to solve problems are blocked under the rule of the Communist Party. He says there are more and more group occurring, which has now spread to the police force. Mr Zhen says that in 2008 there have been a lot of mass riots, and in many places like in On-an and Longnan, these protests turned violent. He says that when rights are infringed upon in China, those wronged do not have a reasonable or legal avenue to seek redress, so they have to go to government departments.  

Mr Wu points out that the Chinese Communist regime only takes care of the interests of a few, and with the numerous bad deeds it;s committed, the regime is already walking the path of disintegration and collapse. He says that if the few holding power in the regime fail to take care of its hitmen or others giving their lives for the regime, these later groups of people are bound to retaliate. He points to the example of retired servicemen who have for many years tried to protest against the government for leaving them out in the lurch. Mr Wu says there are all types of reports coming out of the military that there may be a military coup. Mr Wu believes the Communist regime to be very unstable, and has not won the hearts of the people.  According to a CAN report, this police protest surrounding Hunan’s Leiyan Municipal Committee Building is the first of its type since the Great Cultural Revolution, and shows that the string of human rights activities has stretched to the once untouched public security system.




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