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Fuoco sui manifestanti della miniera

Almeno quattro persone sono state uccise dagli agenti di polizia che hanno aperto il fuoco su una folla fuori gli uffici del governo di Palyul nel Kardze.

Segue articolo in inglese:

At least four people were killed when police officers opened fire on a crowd outside the Palyul county government offices in Sichuan’s Kardze.As many as 30 Tibetan protesters were wounded in the Aug. 17 shooting, with some believed to be critically injured and receiving medical care in the provincial capital of Chengdu.Drakpa Yeshe, a Tibetan based in Nepal, said Aug. 25 that he had spoken recently with relatives in the area.“Lately I heard that about four people died in the shooting in the Palyul incident,” Drakpa Yeshe said. “Those who were seriously injured were taken to a hospital in Chengdu. Among them, two are reported in serious condition.” Drime Gyaltsen, a Tibetan monk living in India, said he was informed by sources in Palyul that additional security forces had been sent to the area to quell further unrest.  “Additional forces arrived from the neighboring Kardze and Dege counties. Right now all the roads leading to Palyul are blocked and residents are not allowed to move about freely,” he said. Drime Gyaltsen said that on or around Aug. 13 a group of Tibetans from Tromtar township’s Sharchu Gyashoe village, led by village leader Tashi Sangpo, traveled to the Palyul county government headquarters to express concerns about an increase in mining activities in the area. The group complained that gold mining operations by the Chinese-owned Kartin Company had led to an overcrowded population, severely degraded the fertility of their farmland, and adversely affected the local grassland habitat. “The county officials refused to hear their plea and, instead of listening to them, had the petitioners detained,” Drime Gyaltsen said. “The Tibetan villagers saw this as deliberate bullying, and about 40 additional Tibetans arrived at the Palyul county center demanding the release of those detained and calling for officials to compensate them for the destruction of their land,” he said. The group picketed in front of the county government office for three days, and in the early hours of the fourth day police used an incapacitating gas on the crowd and attempted to take them away in waiting vehicles, Drime Gyaltsen said. “When some of the protesters affected by the gas were being forced into the vehicles, their comrades who were unaffected … resorted to shouting and began protesting. At that time, the police fired their weapons,” he said. “The first target was Tashi Sangpo … He was shot in the leg and his relatives rushed to his aid. In the commotion and shooting, one Tibetan was killed outright, and about 30 were injured. Among them five were reported seriously hurt.”

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 29 agosto 2010