Forse proibita la visita di Rebiya Kadeer in Taiwan

Il 25 settembre, il Governo di Taiwan ha annunciato la sua intenzione di proibire una visita proposta dal leader per la democrazia uiguro Rebiya Kadeer nell’isola di Taiwan. La Signora Kadeer aveva accettato un invito da due gruppi privati in Taiwan, ma non aveva ancora presentato la domanda per il visto. Secondo il Ministro degli Interni di Taiwan, Chiang Yi-hua, il Congresso mondiale degli uiguri (WUC) guidato da Rebiya Kadeer, ha legami con il movimento islamico dell’Est Turkestan, e la sua visita in Taiwan dovrebbe essere proibita perchè potrebbe mettere in pericolo gli interessi nazionali, la pubblica sicurezza e l’ordine siciale del paese.

Segue il comunicato dell’Associazione americana uiguri

On September 25, the government of Taiwan announced that it would ban a proposed visit by Uyghur democracy leader Rebiya Kadeer to the island. Ms. Kadeer had accepted an invitation from two private groups in Taiwan, but had not yet submitted a visa application. On the floor of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, Taiwan’s Interior Minister, Chiang Yi-hua, stated that the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), led by Ms. Kadeer, has close links with the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, and her visit should be banned because it would endanger Taiwan’s national interest, public security and social order. In response to a lawmaker’s question, Chiang stated: “We don’t wish to see the shadow of terrorism fall on Taiwan.” Taiwanese premier Wu Den-yih indicated on the same day that the decision of the Interior Ministry was final.

In a statement, Ms. Kadeer said “I am very concerned about the future of Taiwan- I fear that the shadow of communism may fall on the people of Taiwan. The accusations leveled by the Interior Ministry of Taiwan are irresponsible and inflammatory, and the government’s decision to ban my proposed visit is a rash one. It is a great disappointment that a democratic government of Taiwan should choose to bar me from entry. The Munich-based WUC, of which I am president, is fully committed to peace, democracy and human rights, and wholly opposed to all acts of violence and terrorism. The WUC has never had any links with terrorism. The WUC is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, a publicly-funded organization in the United States. By making such an accusation against the World Uyghur Congress, the Interior Ministry of Taiwan is in effect accusing the United States and Germany of being complicit in terror activities.

The Interior Ministry’s remarks echo the Communist propaganda of the Beijing regime. It is unfortunate that the Communist Chinese government appears to have such a great influence over decisions regarding who is granted a visa to Taiwan. Similarly, it appears that the government of Taiwan has a double standard regarding the decision to grant visas to various human rights advocates whose activities are opposed by the Chinese government. I am saddened that the Taiwanese government is not immune to the stereotypes against Muslims that have been exploited by the Chinese government. The decision by the government of Taiwan and the remarks of its officials only perpetuate the stereotypes of Uyghur Muslims as terrorists, and repeat China’s unsubstantiated claims regarding a Uyghur terrorist threat.

The people of Taiwan invited me to visit, and I accepted their invitation. I awaited the position of the government of Taiwan regarding my acceptance. The Taiwan government’s decision to refuse to issue me a visa goes against the wishes of the people of Taiwan. The government’s decision also harms Taiwan’s hard-earned image as a democratic, free society. I call upon the government of Taiwan to retract the false accusations it has made against me and against the World Uyghur Congress, and honor the wishes of the Taiwanese people.

Uyghur Human Rights Project
Uyghur American Association
1701 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Suite 300
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