Fondatore di un gruppo politico cinese processato per “sovvertire il potere dello Stato”

Guo Quan, un ex giudice ed esperto di letteratura cinese che ha fondato il Partito Cinese Democartico nel 2007 verrà processato per aver “sovvertito i poteri dello Stato”. Segue l’articolo in inglese ripreso dal sito di Dossier Tibet della CISL
BEIJING — The founder of a Chinese group that challenged Communist rule with a call for multiparty democracy will plead not guilty at his upcoming subversion trial, his lawyer said Thursday.
Guo Quan has been detained numerous times since founding the China New Democracy Party in 2007, most recently in November in the central city of Nanjing in Jiangsu province.

He goes on trial Friday at the People’s Intermediate Court in the eastern city of Suqian, charged with subversion of state power, according to his lawyer, Guo Lianhui. The broadly defined charge is routinely used to imprison dissidents, sometimes for years.

Guo said his client had been accused of forming an illegal group, recruiting members and publishing articles on the Internet to “overthrow the socialist system in the name of helping the weak.”

Guo Quan — a judge for six years and a Chinese literature expert who lost his teaching duties at a university after founding the group — provided legal assistance to farmers who lost their land, retired soldiers who were looking for work and people who were laid off by state-owned companies, his lawyer said.

Since seizing power in a 1949 revolution, the Communist Party has brooked no challenge to single party rule. While other political parties exist, their official mission is to assist Communist rule and are not allowed to wield real power.

The trial comes amid reports of numerous detentions and trials of dissidents, alongside an apparent crackdown on activist lawyers and non-governmental groups, possibly to stifle dissent ahead of the sensitive 60th anniversary of the Communist state’s founding on Oct. 1.

Huang Qi, a prominent dissident who criticized the government’s response to a massive earthquake last year, went on trial on charges of revealing state secrets on Wednesday, while another activist, Tan Zuoren, who investigated the collapse of large numbers of schools in the quake, is to be tried next week for alleged subversion. Xu Zhiyong, a legal activist who has tackled some of China’s most politically sensitive cases, was detained last week.

Guo Lianhui said his client claimed his party had 40 million members drawn from the ranks of laid-off workers, farmers who lost their land and retired soldiers. He said there was no formal registration process and the membership claim could not be verified.

The lawyer said Suqian police had briefly detained him and an assistant ahead of the trial, a frequent experience of lawyers in politically sensitive cases.

“I protested and told them it was illegal to restrict my freedom,” the lawyer said. “Their purpose is to prevent me from making an effective defense at the trial and threaten me psychologically. But I am not frightened and it won’t affect me at all.”


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