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Europalia non dovrebbe tacere sulle violazioni dei diritti umani in Cina

In occasione del festival culturale Europalia che quest’anno si è concentrato sulla Cina, diversi gruppi di vittime che hanno sofferto l’oppressione del Regime comunista cinese, sfortunatamente non è stato permesso loro di dimostrare pacificamente nelle vicinanze della cerimonia di apertura di Europalia – China, in Brussels il giorno 8 ottobre 2009.

Segue il comunicato di Human Rights Without Frontiers

On the occasion of the cultural festival Europalia which has a focus on China this year, different groups of victims suffering from the Chinese communist regime’s suppression unfortunately are not allowed to peacefully demonstrate at the vicinity of the opening ceremony of Europalia-China in Brussels on Oct 8, 2009.

We all endorse and promote culture. Culture in China however has been politicized by the Chinese communist party. Recall that in the last 60 years, whether  in mainland China or in Tibet, the Chinese communist regime has been destroying traditional culture.

To remind you that various persecution campaigns against innocent people in China are still ongoing, such as the 50-year suppression in Tibet, the 10-year brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, etc., there will be a
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