Diritti Umani, milioni di cinesi hanno abbandonato il Partito comunista

Pubblichiamo l’intervento di Ciping Huang, attivista dei diritti umani, in occasione della manifestazione itinerante in Usa “Quit CCP”, per celebrare l’abbandono di milioni di cittadini dal Partito comunista cinese

Cari amici,

Come pluridecennale attivista dei diritti umani, avrei voluto essere con voi in Toledo oggi, per darvi il mio supporto e per celebrare il fatto che milioni di cinesi hanno apertamente rinunciato ad essere membri del Partito comunista cinese e delle sue affiliate organizzazioni. Queste persone, hanno fatto un passo molto coraggioso. Ma non è soltanto una liberazione e una edificazione della propria anima e del proprio spirito. E’ anche un importante contributo al progresso dei diritti umani in Cina nel suo complesso.

Segue la lettera in inglese

Dear friends,
As a decades-long human rights activist, I wish that I could be in Toledo today with you to show my support and to celebrate the millions of Chinese people who openly renounced their membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.
These millions of Chinese people have taken a brave step away from the evil natured CCP.  It is not just a liberation and uplifting of their own soul and spirit; it is as well a major contribution to the human rights progress in China as a whole.  Thanks to the leading effort of the Epoch Times for its series of Nine Commentaries on the CCP 5 years ago.

In the past 6 decades, 80 million Chinese died at the hands of the CCP government’s autocratic suppression, and a majority of Chinese suffered and lived under fear.  Many were persecuted, jailed and tortured, from the children of the “5 black classes” to the ongoing persecutions against the peaceful underground Christians and Falun Gong practitioners who believe in truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.  In the last 60 years under the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship, there have been millions and millions of documented and undocumented atrocities against the Chinese and other people: different victims and experience yet with the very same root cause, the CCP.

What kind of anniversary marks this year in China under the CCP rule?  One can see the barbarity of atrocity the CCP has done.  From its beginnings 60 years ago when the CCP killed millions and millions of Chinese in the bloodbath of the civil war and later executed many more to clear its path to take over the power; to 50 years ago when the CCP on the one hand used military force to take over Tibet and force the Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama to leave, while on the other hand starved tens of millions of Chinese; to the more recent 20 years ago Beijing Massacre with tanks and machine guns on TianAnMen Square in front of the watching eyes of the whole world, to the abuses and tortures against the peaceful Falun Gong practitioners 10 years ago, the CCP has never stopped its suppression against the people.

Take me and my own family as an example: not only did the CCP confiscated our family property as it grabbed the power, our family also went through the terror of the Red Guards robbing our house in daylight during the Cultural Revolution period and the horror of my grandfather eventually dying of unnatural causes.  In 1998, when I was detained by the secret police in China due to my humanitarian and human rights work, I was eventually kicked out of China due to my refusal to cooperate with the CCP.  In 1999, when my father was terminally ill, the CCP took the inhuman measure of not allowing me to meet with my dying father to satisfy his wish, despite that I had already flown to and landed in China.  Later, after my father passed away, the Chinese government again would not let me attend his funeral when I refused to do the unreasonable and shameful things that they wanted.

During these ordeals, I have learned that only when I should stand up myself, will I have also helped the others to stand up against this powerful tyranny of CCP.  Only when we have a clean soul and mind to keep the evil CCP away, we may gain human rights and democracy for all the Chinese.

That is why I am glad and proud to learn and to applause that nowadays, more and more our Chinese dare to say no to the suppression of the CCP, and that millions and millions of people have listened to their conscience and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.  This leaving is the most important step and historic moment for China, and it is also an extremely important part to world peace.  With insistence and consistence, we shall overcome; we shall see the end of the CCP one party autocracy; we shall win freedom and human rights for you, for me, for all the Chinese.

My friends at the rally in Toledo, I am proud of you standing here to support Chinese freedom and human rights.  Despite physical absence now, I am and will always stand together with you, in spirit and in action!

Ciping Huang
(Statement at the “Quit CCP” 9 States Midwest Tour Rally in Toledo, Ohio)


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