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Dibattito al parlamento europeo sulle merci “made in laogai”

Intervento dell’ europarlamentare Tunne Kelam sulla questione dell’importazione delle merci prodotte nei laogai [1] discussa a Strasburgo il 23 settembre 2010.

Segue l’intervento in inglese:

Today’s topic is dramatically relevant to the EU’s value-based politics, including relations with EU strategic partners.

Communist Chinas’ economic rise has been impressive.
However, substantial part of it is due to the so-called prison economy.

Laogai system of forced labour camps is notoriously the world’s largest, after the liquidation of the Soviet Gulag Archipelago.  It has been the most important tool of massive political repressions, and has included since 1949 up to 50 million inmates.  Even today there are between 3 – 5  millions detainees, most of whom have been deprived of their freedom under the guise of presenting a threat to state’s security.

The large-scale exploitation of slave labour in Communist China’s prison camps has become an open secret.   It has been proved that most Laogai  prisons operate under the  titles of commercial companies.

In the eve of the next EU – China Summit, I would like to ask you, Commissioner Füle, how will the EU side implement President Van Rompuy’s proposed  principle of reciprocity?
I regret the fact that you have not answered to the majority of questions, members of this house addressed to you. For example  the question whether there has been any progress in cooperating with US authorities to detect the Laogai products?
Have you taken a look at the previous European Parliament’s resolutions which advocate the ban of sales of Laogai products in Europe and insist that further progress  in cooperation with China should depend on Beijing’s ratifying important UN and ILO conventions on economic, social and political rights?

I also ask the Commission whether they are prepared to suspend China’s preferential GSP status in case the Chinese authorities won’t comply with the said UN and ILO  principles?

Continuing large-scale importing and consumption of products made by slave labour cannot be justified by difficulties to identify them.  It is a disgrace to EU  high standards and needs to be stopped without further delay.

Speech by Tunne Kelam,  Estonia

Fonte: Redazione, 27 settembre 2010