Detenuti 10 leaders di una chiesa cinese

Il Natale è dietro l’angolo, ma per alcuni cristiani nel nord della Cina non c’è molto da festeggiare. In novembre cinque leaders della città di Linfen sono stati condannati dai tre ai sette anni di prigione e più tardi nello stesso mese altri cinque leaders sono stati spediti a due anni di rieducazione attraverso il lavoro.

Christmas is just around the corner, but for some Christians in northern China there isn’t much to celebrate.
In November, five religious leaders in Linfen City, Shanxi Province, were sentenced to three to seven years criminal detention. They were found guilty of “illegally occupying farm land” and “disturbing transportation through a mass gathering.” The trial followed a mass prayer by members of the Linfen-Fushan Church.

And later in the month—according to U.S.-based rights group ChinaAid—an additional five more church leaders were sent to two years reform-through-labor. It’s an arbitrary administrative sentence that doesn’t require a trial.

The lawyer representing the church leaders, Li Fanping, told AFP that the communist regime is sending a message to Christians ahead of Christmas.

He said, “They’ve convicted them of these specific crimes. As Christmas is coming, a lot of Christians will want to gather to worship, but the authorities have made it clear what can happen if they gather.”

Officially, China allows religious freedom. But in reality, worship groups are required to register with the communist regime, and those who want to be independent are forced to practice their faith underground.

According to the AFP, a heavy security presence has been in place around Linfen since September.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 24 dicembre 2009


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