Cina: tempesta di 2.000 lavoratori in ufficio statale

Circa 2.000 o più tra lavoratori e pensionati hanno assediato il quartier generale del governo nella provincia di Jilin, a causa del loro malcontento nei confronti di un ex presidente della società Jilin Deda Company, che avrebbe violato i loro diritti.

Segue articolo in inglese:

About 2,000 or more current and retired staff and workers of “Jilin Deda Company, Ltd.” who are unhappy over corruption by a former chairman of the company and infringement of workers’ rights and interests, began besieging and attacking the headquarters of the government of Jilin Province yesterday morning.There were bloody clashes with several hundred special police and Armed Police personnel.The protest was still under way today. The clashes have resulted in injury to at least 20 people. Workers accuse former chairman Wang Xiulin of embezzling hundreds of millions of RMB worth of assets of the state-run enterprise, and they are demanding that the governor of the province talk with workers.

“Deda” is a joint invested enterprise between the former state-run “Songliao Poultry Cooperative Company” and the Chia Tai Group of Thailand. Company headquarters is in Dehui City, 60km from Changchun. The company has 12,000 staff and workers distributed among several branch factories in Changchun and Dehui. Dehui City Party Committee Deputy Secretary Wang Xiulin took the job of chairman of Deda in 1989. Wang Xiulin served concurrently as City Party Committee Deputy Secretary and a “capitalist” company director for 20 years before leaving the company in April of this year. Since he left the company, workers have continually denounced him for misappropriating as much as 400 million RMB of state assets, and for infringement of the interests of current and retired workers. Workers accuse Wang Xiulin of misappropriating as much as 45 million RMB in various kinds of insurance for staff and workers. After hundreds of letters reporting the allegation were not dealt with, starting yesterday morning about 2,000 Deda workers, mainly retirees, began besieging and attacking the provincial government headquarters. Hundreds of special police and Armed Police personnel were on guard in front of the main entrance. Workers wanted to charge into the provincial government headquarters to talk with the governor of the province but were blocked, and at least 20 workers were injured. Clashes between a large number of workers and riot control special police continued to occur early this morning at the entrance to the provincial government headquarters. The information was confirmed for this Centre by a gate guard at Jilin Province government headquarters and concerned personnel at Deda’s Changchun office. According to a Deda worker, no discipline inspection organization dared investigate Wang Xiulin because he was a delegate to the National People’s Congress and had an extremely close relationship with the Jilin Province state-owned assets committee.

Workers from Tonghua Steel in Tonghua, Jilin, beat general manager Chen Guojun to death in July last year over restructuring problems. Currently clashes occur continuously.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet: 15 luglio 2010


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